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You know what I find funny about you fandom:

You hate Mako because he is a two timing ass: but yet half of you are ok with Korra between two guys.
You hate Mako because you think he is a jerk: but yet half of you love the jerk/cheating/bullying Tahno.
You hate Mako because he is terrible to Bolin: yet he gave up his childhood to protect his brother and live on the streets where gangs/triads constantly patrolled and somehow Bolin came out perfect.
You hate Mako because he kissed Korra: but yet you ALL tend to forget Korra initiated the kiss when Mako was trying to explain how he felt.
You hate Mako because he took Asami's side in episode 7: but now when he is supports the Avatar and tries to be there for her as a friend it changes nothing.
You hate Mako because he is confused about his romantic feelings toward Korra: yet when Katara was confused about her romantic feelings for Aang and it took all the way to the last episode of book 3 it was understandable, they were at war.
You hate Mako because he can't decide between Asami or Korra: yet Sokka loved both Yue and Suki and had unresolved feelings throughout book 1 & 2.
You hate Mako because he is weak minded: yet Zuko won your hearts by the end of the series because you saw him develop, Mako isn't afforded that.
You hate Mako because he can be hotheaded from time to time: very unlike most firebenders we've seen.
You hate Mako for being a bad influence on children watching the show: because yes, those children are clearly analyzing this as hard as you are. "Bolin makes me lol"
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