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Avatar Korra of the Southern Water Tribe.
Avatar Korra of the Southern Water Tribe.
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"You’re the most loyal, brave, and selfless person I’ve ever known."

"I think you’re pretty incredible, too, but… you already knew that."

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whirlpoolofwonder replied to your post: Whenever I hear/see people say things such as “I…

This! I love Bolin but Korra doesn’t, at least there’s no hint of her having any sort of romantic feelings for him. I’m sick of “Bolin is great guy and deserves Korra cause he wants her”. Well, Korra is great girl and wants Mako.

I used to be a Borra shipper (for a little while, then I took an arrow to the knee), and to be honest, I still smile every time I see Borra fluff or smut on my dash. Bolin is a great guy. He can brighten anyone’s day and make them laugh and feel good, even during the freaking apocalypse. His personality will certainly attract you if his looks won’t. And no matter towards who Korra (or anyone else) has romantic feeling for, everyone should feel free to ship what they want.

However, in the atla/lok fandom, shipping also comes with its war. I get that. Feel free to fight each other. Feel free to ruin each other’s day. I’ll ignore it. But the second I see comments of the kind I mentioned, or the “she should be with this or that guy, because he’s a Nice Guy (TM),” I’ll gladly jump in the war, too.

They keep claiming they love Korra like their own child, yet they would take away her freedom of choice? They would change her and her tastes?

They will make some helluva loving parents.

Feel free to use the cliché argument against the Makorra. That one’s kinda true. Feel free to use the “this paring makes no sense”, the “makorra has no development/feels rushed” or any other argument (even though they’re no completely true, in my opinion).

But you don’t force Korra (or anyone, fictional or not,) to chose someone based on your preference.

Ship Borra because they’re cute together. Because Bolin makes her laugh. Ship Tahorra because you love the UST. Ship Amorra because you love to break Amon by making him fall in love with the enemy.

Ship anyone/anyone you want for whatever reason. But, if your pairing isn’t canon, please stop saying you know what’s best for them, because you don’t see the canon pairing being happy in the future.

You’re not Korra. The girl loves who she wants. The end.

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Whenever I hear/see people say things such as “I just want Korra to be happy, that’s why she should dump Mako,” I’m standing here like


(also, Korra and Mako aren’t together yet)

You want her to be happy, but you don’t stop and think about her feeling for a second? About what makes her happy? You don’t see Korra and Mako’s relationship as something you deem perfect, so you want her to forget him and be with a person you approve of? Even though Korra seems to be happy when she’s with Mako?

Don’t get me wrong, but I hope you never become a parent.

If you hate Makorra so much, try using other arguments (such as the “it’s cliché" one). At least those don’t make you look like a total asshole.

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Legend of Korra livestreams (HD) (confirmed to air) (HD) (confirmed to air) (SD) (not confirmed to air)

Three more hours.

I don’t know if has a certain number of spots available per stream (from my experience, it doesn’t), but JustinTV has. Tune in now, press play, and mute the stream. That way, you’ll reserve your spot for when it will start airing (oh, and never refresh, or you’ll lose your spot).

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I’m the avatar! You gotta deal with it!

I’m the avatar! You gotta deal with it!

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