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A woman may weep, but not a queen. 

Korra i 8? c:



wyszło słabe, no ale już trudno 

mako you fucking dork

10 min in the first episode and it’s so good

Do you know any sites to watch it live, if not it's fine I know a site to watch after it's aired


I do! There are multiple streams that you can use but I would highly recommend either of the following because they’re HQ: x // x 

UPDATE: KorraSpirit’s site is currently down at the moment. I would try using the brettygood site!

You can also find more streams here

Book 3 will premiere at 7 PM EST on Nick. (6 PM Central Time for those of you that live in that region of the country.)

Note: For those of you that live on the west coast and plan on catching the livestream, you will need to watch the livestream at 4 PM (because of the three-hour time difference between the east and the west coast)!!!

Hope I helped, and I hope you have fun and enjoy the premiere, my friend!


*loves a character everyone hates even more just out of spite*


korra meme;

[2/3 relationships] (…) Dad, of course I still need you.

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